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About Acre Environmental Consulting, LLC

Louis Emenhiser is the owner and principal ecologist at Acre Environmental Consulting, LLC. He is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (#1680) who holds a Masters degree in Soil Science with a Minor in Botany from Oregon State University. His Bachelors degree is in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon. Louis has a total of fifteen years of environmental consulting experience, with work throughout Washington and Oregon. Louis has conducted wetland and stream delineations and permitting on over 1,500 residential, commercial, and institutional sites throughout the Pacific Northwest. This includes working on multiple linear projects for Public Utility Districts in western Washington. Louis is well versed in the methodology described in the Corps 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual, the 1997 Washington State Department of Ecology Washington State Wetlands Identification and Delineation Manual, and the Corps Interim Regional Supplement for Western Mountains, Valley, and Coast Region. Louis has been trained by the Washington State Department of Ecology and is experienced in the use of the Washington State Wetland Rating System.

Throughout his career, Louis has developed an extensive network of professional contacts ranging from regulatory personnel to landscapers, engineers, and surveyors. With his experience, technical expertise, and knowledge of the regulatory climate, Louis is able to help his clients achieve their project goals in a timely, cost effective manner.